2018 Chinese GP: “Consistency Is the Key” – Alonso

China, round 3 of the 2018 Formula 1 championship is the first back-to-back race of the season. 

McLaren are heading into Shanghai with good momentum, with Fernando being on a five race points scoring streak, his highest since rejoining McLaren in 2015.

Fernando Alonso:

“I didn’t have any big surprises. We are third in the Constructors’ Championship, fourth in the Drivers’ Championship.”

“Maybe not in performance, but I don’t know exactly what people were expecting from one season to another where the regulations stay the same and there were three teams ahead of everyone last year and this year they keep ahead of everyone.”

“Last year after three races,  zero points. Bahrain last year Stoffel didn’t make the start – on the grid he was pulling the car into the pit lane. So this year, two races and four cars to the chequered flag. As I said, look at the facts and not the feelings or the wishes or the dreams. If we see the facts this is a very good start.”

“I’m excited to go to China. Turn One in Shanghai is one of the best corners of the calendar and it’s a great track to race on for a driver.”

“For us, consistency has to be the key. We’ve been able to pull everything together on a Sunday so far – a combination of both hard work and good fortune – but we haven’t given ourselves the best chances on Saturday, so it’s important we pull the whole package together.”

“It won’t happen overnight, but we know where our issues lie and we know that we need to work hard to overcome them as soon as possible. In the meantime, we’ll be pushing hard in China, as always, and continue our fight to the front of the midfield pack.”