2018 Austrian GP: “We’re Going to Austria Looking to Deepen Our Understanding of the Car” – Alonso

Fernando Alonso, Austria 2018 Preview

Austria, Round 9 of the 2018 Formula 1 Championship – McLaren’s chance to redeem themselves after the worst result of the season.

It’s no secret that McLaren are not doing as well, as they would’ve hoped to, after the good start to the season, showing true progress.

Their most recent result from the French Grand Prix, which can be considered as the worst of the season, is only confirmation, of the team currently going backwards in their car development.

Although it was expected, that the gap would shrink in Monaco and grow in Canada due to the track’s characteristics, the problem lays deeper. McLaren themselves confirming, to be unable to find the car’s aerodynamic problems in windtunnel testing, are likely to indicate, that there might not be a fix for the current problems any time soon.

Also in the upbeat to the Austrian Grand Prix, Zak Brown has admitted, that Fernando Alonso is not yet decided about his F1 future.

“Fernando still has to make a decision, we have a very good relationship with him, he has been with us for quite a long time now and ultimately it depends on what and where we will compete and how our F1 car develops.”

“I’m optimistic that Fernando will stay in the family and in the formula one car, as long as he feels we can take a step forward, I think F1 is something he would like to continue doing.”

Fernando Alonso himself, even after McLaren’s recent troubles, seems to be in positive mood heading into Austria.

“After a disappointing result, the best thing you can do is move on, so it’s good that we have another race this weekend. And the weekend after. I like this track – it’s a good mix of the new and the old. The big hills, the gradient and the compact nature of the paddock all remind you that this was once one of F1’s grand old venues; but the modern facilities are also a fantastic addition.”

“The lap itself is great: it’s a place you have to constantly attack in order to get a good lap-time, and, while there are only really five corners, they’re always ready to bite if you over-commit.”

“I think we go to Austria looking to deepen our understanding of the car. We’re making progress, and we will get there.”