Monaco 2007: Fernando Alonso Wins as McLaren Celebrate 150th Victory

Monaco 2007: Alonso celebrates victory with Lewis Hamilton
Alonso‘s second win for McLaren, McLaren’s 150th in Formula 1

They came, they saw, they conquered. The McLarens, that is. Fernando Alonso only lost the lead to team mate Lewis Hamilton during the pit stops, and that not for long. The silver cars arrived to the chequered flag four seconds apart after their 78-lap demonstration run, and it was another 65 seconds before Massa’s Ferrari crossed the line.

It was a rout, even if it wasn’t a classic race. The expected rain never made an appearance after the clouds had come just before the start. And with Giancarlo Fisichella taking fourth place, the leading four positions on the grid were the same by the finish.

Alonso’s superb victory, his second of the season, puts him at the top of the drivers’ championship table again with 38 points, while Hamilton’s hard-fought second – on his first Formula One visit to the Principality – gives him the same score but he is officially second since Alonso has won in 2007 and he has yet to. Massa is on 33 points, and Raikkonen 23. In the constructors’ stakes, McLaren have 76 points to Ferrari’s 56.

Fernando Alonso, Post Race:

“This win means a lot to me and our world championship campaign. It’s a very nice surprise to see how the team’s hard work during the last couple of weeks has made our car so competitive. I have never had the experience of being more than one minute ahead of the competition which probably makes this one of my best victories. I didn’t get off the line brilliantly from pole position, but as there is such a short run to the first corner I was pretty sure that I would be able to keep the lead. However, as I was able to save fuel in my first stint I was able to stay out for two more laps than originally planned. After that the race was pretty quiet with only the backmarkers causing a few problems especially shortly before my second pitstop when I lost a lot of time. I will enjoy this victory and look forward to the races in North America.”